Pet Adoptions is a very wonderful thing. Animals are the perfect thing for you, when youre feeling sad and depressed or just want some company when youre feeling lonely. Its a two way street, you take care of them and theyll take care of you. when you just need a bestfriend by your side that will be happy to see you. Adopt. Wanting company? Adopt. It will maybe save you live and youll save them. These dogs in some animal shelters, 2.7 million of them are killed for different reasons but one of the main reasons is they just dont have enough space. So save these animals that have done nothing wrong.

Pet Adoptions


I have created this website as a means to express more of needs to adopt animals. Animal shelters that kill animals dont get that much attention. But it still a big issue, I am personally very passionate about saving animals from shelters when they have not done anything wrong. The kill rate is 2.7 million dogs that have been euthinised they have done nothing wrong. All they need is your help these dogs that have been treated so poorly from bad situations. Like in In April 2007, Vick was implicated in an illegal interstate dog fighting ring that had operated on his property for five years. A federal judge noted that he had promoted, funded, and facilitated a dog fighting ring on his property, and had engaged in hanging and drowning dogs who did not perform well.We all need to save these dogs for these types of things happening


These are some of my personally favorite dogs